PELLEGRINI 1200 L VEE BLENDER– S/S vee blender

WAB TURBULA T2F SHAKER MIXER (2000) A tabletop three-dimensional co-axial shaker mixer for mixing batches of up to 2 Litres The unit employs “three-dimensional motion” to achieve uniform mixes and is driven by a swivel bearing motor and stepped pulleys, which allow 4 different speeds to be selected. The mixing basket can hold any form of container, from test tubes up to containers having volumes up to 2 liters. Containers are held tightly by twisted rubber rings. By adjusting the position of the drive belts on the 5-step pully, the speed can be varied.

WAB TURBULA T10 B SHAKER MIXER (1998) A three-dimensional co-axial shaker mixer for mixing batches of up to 17 Litres (Ø 250 x 380 mm); unit mounted on a white-painted support. Can be used for homogeneous mixing of powders or different wet components with differing specific weights and particle sizes.The product is mixed in a removable container preventing cross-contamination between batches

WAB TURBULA T10 B (2014) -A bench mounted three-dimensional co-axial shaker mixer for mixing batches of up to 17 Litres (Ø 250 x 380 mm); unit mounted on a stainless-steel table. The unit employs “three-dimensional motion” to achieve uniform mixes  Can run at 4 different speeds The unit has been used very little and is “ Like new”. Currently equipped with 4 plastic 17L mixing containers.

TK FIELDER PMA 65 MIXER GRANULATOR -  A 65 litre mixer granulator equipped with a central impellor and laterally placed chopper; mounted on a cream painted base

TECNOLAB 500L MIXER GRANULATOR S/S mixer granulator with 400 litre mixing bowl, three blade impellor & two blade chopper. Average batch weights of 160kgs ( 0.6gm/cm3). Mounted on a support

JETPHARMA MC50 JET MILL (2004) - S/S jetmill with Ktron screw feeder – for the micronization of pharmaceutical active ingredients, achieving the reproducibility of the particle size distribution of the micronized powder.

FITZPATRICK FITZMILL M5A - A pilot-scale or small volume stainless steel comminuting mill of cantilever design on a mobile base.. S/S feed hopper ; Fixed bar type hammers ; controls with VFD motor controller. Throughput 100-500 kg/hr Exceptional condition

FITZPATRICK FITZMILL D6A MILL - A production scale, S/S, mobile comminuting mill equipped with sixteen fixed knives with high throughput rates. Agitated product hopper; operator control panel. Throughput 200-1,000 kg/hr.  

FITZPATRICK FITZMILL VFS D6A ( 1995 ) A production scale S/S, mobile comminuting mill with high throughput rates, mounted on a stainless steel mobile . Agitated product hopper. Operator control panel. Throughput 200-1,000 kg/hr

AEROMATIC PMA 400 HIGH SHEAR MIXER GRANULATOR (1998) – -A high-speed mixer of working volume:400L total 320 L useful; with centre bottom entry three blade impellor and laterally placed high speed chopper. Bottom exit with a pneumatically controlled valve: operator controls.

COMPLETE NIRO FIELDER NICA PELLETISING SYSTEM (1993) - Modular pelletising system for pharmaceutical products comprising: - M6 mixer / granulator 2-6kg /min. (wet mass); NICA E220 extruder 2-8kg/min. NICA S 450 spheronizer - for batches between 100gr – 2.5 kgs ; production 0.4-2.0kg / min  Variable speed 1.5kW motor 400V/3p/50Hz .

FUJI PAUDAL DG-L1 EXTRUDER (1994) - Laboratory bench top extruder in stainless steel equipped with one screw. Like new condition.

FUJI PAUDAL EXDFRS-60 EXTRUDER S/S twin screw extruder.  Top manual feed. Equipped with twin 60mm diameter augers fitted with 0.5mm mesh screen.  European electrics.  Includes local controls.

CALEVA SPHERONISER S/S spheroniser in 316 grade S/S.  35 L total capacity product bowl - 380mm dia x 310mm deep ;  110mm x 60mm finished product outlet:  Safety electrically interlocked guard;  Rotor driven by a variable speed drive with motor stop/start;  Mobile, on castors.   In "as new" condition

CALEVA 380A SPHERONIZER Stainless steel spheroniser with associated parts and spares.

WLS GABLER SPAROMAT 600 SPHERONISER (11/94) S/S, automatic, mobile spheronizer with 316 S/S contact parts; on casters for mobility.  1.5 to 10kg load capacity for 75 to 600kg/hour depending on product; Siemens PLC.  Supplied with one spheronising disc: One (1) truncated pyramid pattern; Current electrical installation – 460V /3p/ 60Hz  7.5Amps. 

AEROMATIC STREA 1 FLUID BED DRIER -Laboratory fluid bed drier granulator; total capacity of container 16.5L: useful capacity 200ml - 2.0 L Equipped with 2 additional containers  - A Plexiglass container for film coating & a S/S container with bottom spray gun. Electrically heated 220-240/380-420 Volt

NIRO-AEROMATIC STREA 1 FLUID BED DRIER -A laboratory fluid bed drier, spray granulator, coater with a volume of 16.5 litres for batch sizes between 0.2 to 2.0 kg. Equipped with a plexiglass product container with top spray coating nozzle included. Electric heating for temperatures of up to 80° or 110°C (container material dependant)

GLATT UNI-GLATT R&D FLUID BED DRIER GRANULATOR (2001) - Stainless steel R&D fluid bed drier granulator, electrically heated ( max 80 degr C ) equipped with a 2 litre container and a Wurster container with spray at the bottom; ventilator fan - capacity 130 nm3/hr; dust filter; controls on front; motor 1,1 kw, 400 volt, 

GLATT UNIGLATT LABORATORY FLUID BED DRIER Mobile, 316 S/S laboratory fluid bed drier with a standard mirror polished S/S product bowl for fluidised bed drying; Working capacity : Approx 5 litres. S/Sl base of the unit is mobile on castors ;  Controls are easily accessible on the front fascia.  CE marked.  Excellent condition.

GLATT UNIGLATT LABORATORY FLUID BED DRIER - A mobile laboratory fluid bed. Designed for batch capacities between 0.5 to 3.0 kg. Mounted on a mobile purpose-built lower cabinet ;complete with an atomising air spray connection which enters through the rear of the product container.

GPCG 1 R&D FLUID BED DRIER GRANULATOR (1991) - laboratory size, stainless steel, mobile fluid bed drier granulator ; capacity 5 litres;, all stainless steel wetted parts, mounted on a mobile, stainless steel covered frame, complete with control panel and two bowls (for drying and for spray granulation) and ancillary equipment including peristaltic pump ; 2.2kW ventilator fan, 3.96kW heating capacity, 6 bar air pressure, electrics 415V/3p/50Hz

EUROVENT CPSG-6 R&D FLUID BED DRIER GRANULATOR (2000) -  R&D size, S/S 316, fluid bed drier granulator on a mobile stand, complete with a six litre container of maximum capacity 2,5 Kg; spray system; ventilator fan; dust filter; cleaning with air pulse; control panel; electrically heated; driven by motor 2,2 Kw, 415 V/3p/50Hz.

AEROMATIC S4 FLUID BED DRYER (1995) - Stainless steel 2 bar fluid bed drier granulator for batches between 20-150 kgs depending on the bulk density, equipped with one 210 litre mobile bowl ; spray system with Watson Marlow pump; steam heated inlet air handling unit, ventilator fan,  Ex motors; controls; vertical explosion vent ; manuals.

COSMEC SIEVE - bag emptier with vibratory sieve

​MANESTY ACCELACOTA 10 COATING SYSTEM Automatic S/S coating system for laboratory use or in pilot plant with 24” perforated drum with baffles, control panel on front of machine: currently the spray gun, spray arm, spray gun and air handling are missing, but can be supplied; Mobile on casters.

MANESTY ACCELACOTA 10 COATING SYSTEM-Laboratory size tablet coater with perforated drum for batches up to 10 kgs. With exhaust fan and air handling units. Currently steam heated but could be modified to electric heating.

IMA-PELLEGRINI GS HE 150 TABLET COATING SYSTEM (2004)- A S/S tablet coating system 70-150kgs batches. Including spray system with spray guns /nozzles and support arm. Complete with Siemens PLC and HMI ;  comes with an air handling system.

GLATT GC 1500 TABLET COATING SYSTEM (1998 )-An automatic 316 S/S coating system for batch sizes 150 – 400 kgs. Equipped with a perforated drum and a spray system comprising a spray manifold with five nozzles; a Watson Marlow peristaltic pump with 5 pump heads; wall mounted controls; air handling units


RIVA PICCOLA B10 R&D TABLET PRESS - A small, bench top, rotary tablet press with a 10 station keyed turret -EU B punches - 16 mm max; for R & D, pilot or small scale production. Output 2.000/30.000 cph; Compression max: 60 kN; Precompression max: 3 kN; Depth of fill 17 mm;. Machine supported on a mobile S/S table.

RIVA PICCOLA D8 TABLET PRESS -A small, bench top, rotary tablet press with an 8 station  keyed turret; EU D punches – 24mm diam max for R & D, pilot or small scale production . Output 2.000/ 24.000 cph; Compression max: 60 kN; Precompression max: 3 kN; Depth of fill 17 mm.Available June 2021.

MANESTY F3 ECCENTRIC PRESS – Single punch , max tablet diameter 22mm, max output, 5,100 tablets/hr /  compression force 6.5 tons

MANESTY B3B TABLET PRESS 16 stn, keyed, 16mm max diam. New cams, new turret.

MANESTY 16 STATION TABLET PRESS Rotary tablet press with 16 punches – D tooling. Fully refurbished with guarding 

MANESTY EXPRESS 20 station D, keyed turret, pre-compression, 10kN & compression, 100Kn

MANESTY UNIPRESS ROTARY TABLET PRESS - 27 station B tooling tablet press with a keyed turret. Stainless steel rotary tablet press equipped with 27 stations,Max. diameter of tablet 16 mm; Filling depth 18 mm; Compression :  0 - 65 kN; Pre-compression : 10 kN; Forced feeder; Safety guarding; Output : 78.000 to 150.000 tph;

MANESTY BETAPRESS - UPGRADED MODEL (2004) -A single sided rotary tablet press with a 16- station keyed turret, B tooling (16mm max.) & a two-paddle rotary feeder. Precompression 7.5kN & main compression 65kN. Max. output 90,000 tabs/hr The original machine was upgraded in 2004 when it was overhauled and encased in a S/S cabinet with a control panel.

MANESTY BB3B ROTARY PRESS - 27 stations, Euro B tooling; keyed turret; max tablet size 16mm round (18 mm caplet); max die fill 17.4; static frame feeder; main compression 65kN;  Drive motor 1.5kW;  safety interlock guarding. 380-420V /3p /50Hz

MANESTY BB4 35 STATION ROTARY TABLET PRESS - A double sided 35 station rotary tablet press  with a keyed turret ; suitable for making round and shaped tablets using  Euro "B" punches and dies; Max. tablet diameter: 16mm; max depth of fill:17.46mm; min-max output: 70,000 210,000/ hr .

COURTOY R100/30 TABLET PRESS 30 station rotary tablet press, with pre-compression, forced feeder, electronic panel with automatic weight control; type “B” Tooling.. S/S parts and B punches – max diam 16mm. Output  300-3000 /min depending on the product.. 

IMA SYNTHESIS 500 TABLET PRESS (2001) - 37 station single sided rotary tablet press, punch type: IPT-B/EUB, with an output between  50.000 - max. 266.000 tablets/ hr. Max. compression force : 80 kN.  Max. Pre compression force : 80 kN Max. Electrical supply 400 V, 50 Hz. Power consumption: 10 kW.

KILIAN TX30 ROTARY TABLET PRESS (1991) - 30-station rotary, single sided tablet press, EU Norm B tooling – max diam 16mm Output: 190,700 tablets / hr - mechanical speed. Max compression: 80 kN. Pre-compression: 20 kN.

KILIAN RX 51 ROTARY PRESS - A high output, 51 station, double sided rotary tablet press with keyed turret & an output of 460,000 tablets/hr ; max. tablet size 16mm diam; tooling type: 20/28; max die fill: 20.0mm;Main compression (max) 100kN; fitted with rotary paddle feeders and hopper adaptor for feeding from a single overhead bulk container; MC 1 control system . Drive motor : 5.5kW

KILIAN T300 TABLET PRESS (1996) - A 32-station stainless steel rotary press with a maximum output of 240.000 tablets /hr. Equipped with EU B tooling - 16mm. Pre-compression max 31kN and compression max 80kN.; force feeder; Max depth of fill 16mm; The press had an electrical upgrade in 2010 with the addition of a new PLC and touch screen HMI. Condition: Excellent, fully functional





- FETTE C.A.S units

- Lower fill cams of different sizes in ‘as nearly new’ condition suitable for presses running EU19/Euro B tooling.

- Mechanical parts suitable for presses running EU19/Euro B tooling.

- Electronic and hydraulic parts suitable for presses running EU19/Euro B tooling.

- Please contact for details of parts available


KRAMER E 31000-730 DEDUSTER (2006) -S/S tablet deduster with C810 controller; on mobile stand, with wash in place.

KRAMER KD 6010 -250 DEDUSTER (2016) - Compact, high speed, S/S deduster with an upward conveying height of 250mm. Can handle tablets between 3–25 mm diameter, and capsules. Easy height adjustment, full 360° freedom of rotation at tablet inlet.Compact design, minimum footprint.

KRAMER E2000S-250 DEDUSTER  (2008) – stainless steel upward deduster

KRAMER SPEEDY DEDUSTER  (2008) – stainless steel downward deduster. 

SEIDENADER TABLET INSPECTION BELT - Stainless steel, mobile capsule and tablet inspection belt complete with hopper.


LIQUIDS & CREAMS                                                                                            

PHARMA PROCIP 150 LITRE MIXING VESSEL (2000)- 150 Litre 316 S/S steam jacketed mixing vessel with centre bottom exit.

WEBSTERS 2000 LITRE MIXING VESSEL- A 2266 litre (total volume) , stainless steel steam jacketed mixing vessel with top driven scrape wall gate agitator & 2 x bottom entry homogenisers.

 SILVERSON L4R LABORATORY HIGH SHEAR MIXER -A variable speed S/S mixer for mixing, emulsifying homogenizing, disintegrating, dissolving up toa maximum of 12 litres of product - with an efficiency and flexibility unmatched by other machines. Push button controls.




ELANCO-FILL SEMI-AUTOMATIC CAPSULE FILLER (1990) A S/S semi-automatic capsule filler for filling capsules (size 0 to 4) with powder or pellets. The capsules are fed automatically from a hopper.. Equipped with change parts for capsules Size “0” , including two rings in which the capsules are placed for filling. Capacity: For capsules sizes 0, l, 2, 3 & 4. Output up to 25,000 capsules/hr In working order – video available on request.

CAPSUGEL CAP 8 SEMI-AUTOMATIC CAPSULE FILLER (2007)- A semi-automatic capsule filler

With an output of between 7.000 ando 29.000 caps/hr depending on size .Suitable for capsule 00 - 5

Removable powder hopper for easy cleaning . With Size 1 change parts Available 1 tray - 420 capsules - Speed 10.000 caps/hr

DOTT BONAPACE RK15 / KAP 300 SEMI AUTOMATIC CAPSULE FILLER - A semiautomatic capsule filler comprising : - RK-15 capsule orienter feeder which processes 150 capsules per cycle; by repeating the operation also 300 capsules can be processed. KAP-300 capsule filler to open, fill and close hard gelatine capsules already oriented (by the orienter) in a 300-hole tray, and to guarantee the correct and easy distribution of the powder in the capsules. Currently equipped with the format for Size 1 capsules. Plates for 300 capsules.

CHANGE PARTS FOR MODEL10 /TYPE 10 SEMI AUTOMATIC CAPSULE FILLER (ELANCO, SHIONOGI QUALICAPS, QUALI-FILL). Refurbished change parts available for a Model 10 semi-automatic capsule filler - Sizes: 00, 0, 1, & 3.   Parts List includes (2) Capsule Filling Rings; (1) Closing Peg Ring; (1) Capsule Rectifier; (1) Rotation Module; (1) Feed Block; (1) Guide Chute; (1) Closing Pressure Plate


ACG-PAM AF90T CAPSULE FILLER (2013) - An automatic capsule filler suitable for filling powder into hard gelatine capsules; uses tamping process.. Output of up to 90,000 capsules per hour for powder For sizes 00 to 5 (with appropriate format parts). Electrical requirements: 3 phase, 415V, 50Hz. Comes with a variety of auxiliary machines all made by ACG-PAM in 2013.

BOSCH GKF2500 CAPSULE FILLER ASB 100% CAPSULE FILLER -A high-speed, compact capsule filler; max output 150.000 cph. Equipped with automatic trouble-shooting function (ASB) 100%, check weighing (KKE 2500 ). Gravimetric online weight control system and automatic fill weight adjustment ; User friendly software. The maximal uptime of the machine is guaranteed by the automatic trouble-shooting feature (ASB). Several sets of change parts & documentation

BOSCH GKF 300 CAPSULE FILLER - S/S, automatic capsule filler to fill hard gelatine capsules at an output of 19800 capsules /hr;220/380V, 3 Ph, 50 Hz .Currently equipped for filling capsule with pellets. Machine has been dismantled and fully serviced by an engineer specialist in capsule fillers, with all worn parts replaced with new; original electrics and controls

DOTT. BONAPACE IN-CAP CAPSULE FILLER (2004) - Bench-top capsule filler supported on a mobile S/S table; equipped with group to dose powders. Includes capsule orientation station with capsule hopper and powder filling station. Change parts for capsules size “0”  Output: Up to 3000 capsules/hr.

IMA PRECISA 12 CAPSULE COUNTER AND SELECTOR (2005) – For soft gel capsules, hard gel capsules and tablets; touch screen; printer; output : 100, 000 / min

IMA 150 CAPSULE FILLER (2006) A fully automatic continuous capsule filler with an output of up to 150,000 capsules/hr. Can handle capsules sizes 000 à 5, SUPRO A/B/C/D/E. With change parts Sizes 2 & 4 for powders and a NEW set Size 2 for mini granules. 400V 3-ph / 50Hz / 43A. Documentation and some spare parts

IMA-IMATIC 200 CAPSULE FILLER (2001/2016) A fully automatic continuous capsule filler currently set up to dose Size 0 capsules; Max capacity: 200,000 capsules/hour. Fully refurbished in 2016. Spare parts. All documentation & pharmaceutical qualification files.

MACOFAR CD 40 CAPSULE FILLER (1998) A fully automatic capsule filler with an output of up to 40,000 capsules/hr. Can handle capsules sizes 00 to 5. Electrics: 380 V – 50 Hz – TRI+N+PE.

MACOFAR CD-40 CAPSULE FILLER (2005) -A compact, intermittent- motion capsule filler for small to medium production runs; output 40,000 capsules per hour. Currently set up to dose powders; change parts included: 00-0-1

MACOFAR MT80 CAPSULE FILLER (2000) A fully automatic capsule filler currently set up to dose pellets, with a production of up to 80.000 capsule per hour. The machine includes change parts for Size 2 capsules.

MG2 COMPACT CAPSULE FILLER to fill hard gelatine capsules with powders at an output 6.000-48.000 capsules/hr; filling by tamping mechanism, with compacting. 400V/3p/50Hz RECONDITIONED ; with PLC. Change parts Size 1 – other sizes can be manufactured if required

MG2 FUTURA CAPSULE FILLER ( 2000) equipped to dose powders and tablets. The machine has 16 stations but only 4 are equipped with change parts for Size 0 capsules. Capacity: 50 000 capsules/hour but with just 4 stations production is up to 12.000 hour. Including vacuum pump.

MG2 G-36 CAPSULE FILLER - A continuous movement capsule filler with an output of 30,000/ hr depending in the product. With a rapid change of size change parts. The machine is rated for up to 36000 capsules per hour. Capsule size range is from 00-5 hard gelatine capsules.

MG2 G38N CAPSULE FILLER (1987) A fully automatic continuous capsule filler with an output of up to 60,000 capsules/hr; currently set up to dose Sizes 1 & 3 capsules; – Size range from 00 to 5

– Formats currently available: 1 and 3.

MG2 G60 CAPSULE FILLER - An automatic capsule filler with an output of up to 60,000 capsules per hour. The unit can fill capsule sizes 00 to 5.

MG2 G100 CAPSULE FILLER (1992) - A stainless steel, continuous movement, rotary capsule filler with 40 dosing positions and an output of up to 100,000 capsules/hr. Currently set up with the groups to dose pellets and granules.  Motor ± 7,5 Kw - 380 V/3p/50Hz.. Some change parts

​MG2 G140 CAPSULE FILLER ( 2001) A fully automatic continuous capsule filler for medium & high production processes. Output 140.000 capsules / hr. Capsule sizes: 00-5; DB; Elongated; HPMC. Weight control systems.The machine is currently set up for powder with formats 0-1-2-3-4.

SEJONG SF80-N CAPSULE FILLER (2007) A fully automatic continuous capsule filler with an output of up to 80,000 capsules/hr; including format parts for capsule size 0 (11 dosing disks) and 00 (9 dosing disks). Built-in vacuum pump. Touch screen HMI with 21 CFR chapter 11.Electrical connection 380/3p/50Hz;  only 2095 working hours.

SEJONG SF-80N CAPSULE FILLER (Oct 2018) -An automatic capsule filler equipped to dose powders; output up to 80,000/hr. Equipped with a 30L product hopper & a 44L hopper for empty capsules, a powder dosing system, built-in vacuum pump, touch screen HMI; change parts for capsule sizes “0”, “00”, “1”, and dosing discs . Electrical installation : 380V/3p/50Hz. 11,5 Amps, 6kW Just 8966 hrs worked.

ZANASI AZ 20 CAPSULE FILLER (1990) a fully automatic capsule filler with stainless steel tooling and currently set up to fill capsules with powder. Equipped with change parts for Size 1 capsule, but can handle capsules sizes 00 to 5 when fitted with correct format. Output: 10000 to 20000 capsules/hour. Installed power: 0.57 kW

ZANASI AZ 40 CAPSULE FILLER (1990) A S/S capsule filler set up to dose powders. Output of 40,000 cph; Size range from 000 à 5, supro A-E, DB, DBAA. Change parts for capsules Sizes 0 & 1, pellets Size 2 & microgranules: Sizes 1 & 4. Electrical installation :380V / 16A / 50 Hz. : 8,5 kW

IMA ZANASI 40E CAPSULE FILLER ( rebuilt ) A S/S capsule filler set up to dose powders. Output of 40,000 cph; Size range 000 à 5, supro A-E, DB, DBAA. Control panel. Manual. Electrical installation, 230/400 V, 50 Hz,

ZANASI LZ 64 CAPSULE FILLER - An 8 station, rotary, intermittent capsule filler equipped to dose powders into hard gelatine capsules, output up to 4000/hr depending on product. With a set of Size 2 change parts; other sizes available. For filling capsules between sizes 00 - 5 when fitted with correct size change parts. S/S contact parts, Fully guarded. 415V/3p/50Hz Excellent condition.Video available.

ZANASI LZ 64 CAPSULE FILLER An 8 station, rotary, intermittent capsule filler equipped with a single dosing station for dosing powders ; 2000 – 4000 / hr All S/S contact parts; 415V/3p/50Hz -change parts Sizes.0, 1, 3 &.4. – other sizes can be manufactured if required RECONDITIONED with new S/S cabinet & PLC


KING TB4 TABLET COUNTER ON ATLC - An automatic KING TB4 tablet/capsule counter in mirror polished S/S supported on an ATLC over a 2.9 m long Swiftpack S/S variable speed slat conveyor complete with a 400mm x 300mm receiving table at end of the outfeed conveyer; pneumatic gating system presents pots to dosing groups.

SWIFTPACK SPC6 TABLET AND CAPSULE COUNTING LINE (2006) -A complete electronic counting line for tablets, capsules & softgels comprising SWIFTPACK M2793 Unscrambler for bottles, SWIFTPACK SPC6P Electronic counting machine, SWIFTPACK STARCAP Automatic screw capper, Weight control during the filling process using Collischan model TB KW with a range control 0 - 150 grams. Includes several conveyer belts and rotary tables.


KING DISPENSA TABLET / CAPSULE COUNTER -Counting machine used to verify sample counts from the tablet filling lines etc. Polished stainless finish. Digitally controlled count adjustment. No tablet size change parts required. Equipped with an LED display for indicating tablet check quantity. 

IMA SWIFTPACK SWIFTCHECK (1998) - A bench-top tablet counter primarily used as a line monitoring machine. An ideal unit to check the counting precision of filled containers in an automatic packaging line.

"SWIFTPACK" SWIFTCOUNT SPC2P TABLET COUNTER - A twin lane, bench top  semi-automatic tablet counter complete with S/S hopper, two vibratory feed lanes,  foot pedal, all stainless-steel wetted parts, bench top unit. (Table not included).Designed to feed and count any size, shape or quantity of tablets without change parts, in batches of 2 to 9,999. 240v 1ph supply. 

KING TB4 SEMI -AUTOMATIC TABLET COUNTER ( 1990) A green painted , semi- automatic table top tablet & capsule counter . Capacity: Min. 4mm - max. 20mm diameter tablets; Capsule sizes: 00 to 5; Output: Averae of 30 bottles /minute depending on number of products/pot.

SWIFTPACK SPC6P3 TABLET AND CAPSULE COUNTER (1995)-A fully automatic electronic 6 lane tablet/capsule counter, constructed in 316 grade stainless steel. Complete with conveyer and gating system.

SWIFTPACK SPC8/2P TABLET & CAPSULE COUNTER ( 2001) - An automatic tablet & capsule counter equipped with 2 x 8 lanes and one dosing group which divides into two funnels that feed two adjacent containers simultaneously. Equipped with a S/S product bulk hopper and a variable speed slat conveyor ; Output 75 containers per minute at a count of 30 products/bottle ( manufacturer’s data ); Counter can handle tablets up to 25 mm diameter & containers up to 100mm diameter. Ready for delivery.

KING SC6 SLAT COUNTER – A six lane automatic slat counter, constructed in stainless steel, designed for high-speed electro-mechanical counting of tablets, capsules and soft gels. Capable of speeds up to 80 bpm at 100 count; gating system; slat conveyor. Many sets of slats available.


TRANSMATIC AT 3A AUGER POWDER FILLER - Semi-automatic powder filler to fill from 25 - max. 5,000 g of powder or granules depending on the auger fitted. Stainless-steel conical agitated hopper feeds the product to the auger and the dosing nozzle. Electrical installation: 220/380V, 50 Hz, 3Ph

PPM SEMI-AUTOMATIC POWDER FILLER (2014) -Semi-automatic S/S powder filler which can be operated using either weight or volumetric control.  One set of auger funnel tooling (other sizes available at additional cost) Extraction take off port ; Foot switch operation; (optional ) screw elevator to load the powder automatically
WEBB AUTOMATION HP5 POWDER FILLER - S/S volumetric refurbished auger powder filler: New controls ; Stainless steel hopper - quick release; Stainless steel infeed chute; New volumetric control system;Mounted on a new support frame;    Can supply auger tooling set to suit customers application – Two available 
ALLFILL B-10 SEMI AUTOMATIC POWDER FILLER - Volumetric powder filler without conveyor, limited choice of auger sizes ;    Includes support frame,    Variable-speed ,Product memory,Foot pedal and micro-processor controlled in English
WEBB EASIFILL SEMI AUTOMATIC POWDER FILLER  (2003 ) Servo volumetric auger filler with Varispeed and product memory. Controlled using microprocessor in English.Supported on a stand


MESPACK H-180SC POUCH FILLER (2016) - A preformed pouch filler, set up for liquids with volumetric flow meter filling system and built in CIP system. Suitable for standard seal pouches and zip lock pouches. Output : Up to 60 packs per minute.The machine has only been run for 100 days since purchase.

KLOCKNER LA3-200 TWIN LANE VERTICAL SACHET MACHINE (1990)- Fully automatic, vertical, intermittent, four lane sachet filler suitable for producing sachets with four-sided seals.  equipped to fill liquid, with four dosing groups. Variable speed operation; . 220V/380V/3p/50Hz


OMAS C20 BOTTLE BLOWER (2003) - Bottle blower unscrambler suitable for the cleaning with sterile air of cylindrical bottles. Mechanical speed: up to 120’/170 bpm. Contact parts in 316 stainless steel or approved materials. An integrated rotary table feeds the vertical rotary wheel. The bottles are turned upside down during the rotation of the vertical revolving wheel when the blowing of sterile air and the suction of the impurities is executed. Three sets of change parts for three different size round bottles.

RONCHI BOTTLE UNSCRAMBLER FEEDER High speed single bowl, stainless steel bottle unscrambler. The machine is highly flexible and capable of handling a diversified range of sizes and bottles profiles and can be used for symmetrical as well as asymmetrically-shaped bottles. All motors have variable speed controlled by Variable Frequency Drives; Protective plexiglass casing; Quick changeover.

KING MODEL KT340 INLINE AUTOMATIC LIQUID FILLING LINE - A KING KT340 FOUR HEAD IN LINE FILLER with stainless steel gear pumps and an integral conveyer. Equipped with a S/S header tank and installed over an integral slat conveyor for container transfer with pneumatically operated container gating system. In line with a KING ISC100 CAPPER TIGHTENER - A twin wheel inline cap tightening machine mounted over the conveyer. Cap placed manually and automatically tightened by machine. Side belt container transfer. Adjustable to accommodate different size caps and containers. Clad in stainless steel. Complete with controls.

IMACO SPECTRUM FILLER CAPPER MONOBLOCK. (2006) - A S/S liquid filler capper monoblock currently equipped with two volumetric filling groups for dosing up to 30ml per pump, and a single screw capping station.  A third volumetric dosing group could be added.The current volumetric pumps could be replaced by peristaltic pumps or flow meters.

OMAS GL250 LIQUID FILLER/CAPPER MONOBLOC (2007) -A fully automatic, S/S liquid filler capper monobloc 4 inline liquid filling stations with 500ml volumetric pumps , a variable speed 100mm wide slat -band conveyor and infeed/out-feed gating control. Star-wheels carry the filled bottles to the plugging/insert and cap placement stations; the inserts and the caps being supplied from two stainless OZAF vibratory feeders located at the back of the machine. A pre-set torque capping station closes the cap, and the bottles then return to the line conveyor. Colour touch-screen control panel for all machine functions. Guarding with safety interlock. Complete with a wide range of change parts including original user manuals. Fill range 1ml – 400ml. Bottle diameter 65mm Maximum speed 50 bottles /min

BAUSCH & STROEBEL KSF 1020 MONOBLOCK FILLER CAPPER - S/S filler capper monoblock for liquids. Volumetric filling from four dosing groups; filling range between 0.1ml to 540ml depending on pumps installed. Min – max container diameter: 16 – 100 mm; Min-max container height: 35 – 310 mm; Maximum output 4,200 per hour.

KING KT340/10 FILLER (1985/2012) - 10 head in-line liquid filler (1985/2012) 10L gear pumps, conveyor and gating ; originally manufactured in 1985, but upgraded in 2012. Equipped with :- 10L gear pumps , with one set of nozzles - 8mm diam shut off type with variable speed slat conveyor & gating included. S/S hopper connected to central liquid supply through ceiling. Electrics upgraded five years ago, includes electrical cabinet (2012) Previously used to fill 70/ min at 100ml &  160ml..

CP-CITOPAC FKS-10 SUPPOSITORY LINE - A suppository filling, cooling and sealing line for pre-formed plastic casings, with filling at a dosing range of 0.5 - 3.5ml  ; cooling tunnel at 10500/hr ;  sealing, coding, trimming and cutting stations..The line was fully overhauled mechanically and electronically in 2019 and is in As new condition. Ready to deliver



DT INDUSTRIES SWIFTPACK CAPPLUS SCREW CAPPER (2001) Single head, stainless steel, automatic screw capper; Automatic feeding of caps from a cap sorter and feeding bowl; Integral infeed & outfeed conveyor; Currently set up to close a 32mm diam & 28mm high screw cap; Stainless steel construction ; Fully guarded; Output : 40 containers/min ; In very good condition.

KING ISEC 150 PRESS ON IN LINE CAPPER - Press on capper with integrated conveyer with automatic placing of caps ;Machine manufactured in S/S; The caps are automatically placed on the containers from vibratory bowl feed. Output 80 /min .

DICO CA100 SCREW CAPPER -   S/S automatic screw capper equipped with a cap elevator and one set of change parts. Equipped with a single screw capping group equipped with a new screw capping head; starwheel with four positions for carrying bottles to capping head; guarding with safety interlocks; In good condition Output max 60/min . Suitable for caps of different types up to a diameter of 120mm . Automatic feeding of caps from a vibratory bowl and a spiral chute. Electrical installation 15V/3p/50Hz ; kW 1.0. Complete with cap elevator, vibratory bowl feeder with chute.

KING ISEC 150 PRESS ON IN LINE CAPPER - Press on capper with integrated conveyer with automatic placing of caps ;Machine manufactured in S/S; The caps are automatically placed on the containers from vibratory bowl feed. Output 80 /min .

ENERCON LM4451-53 SUPERSEAL INDUCTION SEALER (2002) - Height adjustable induction sealer; Cap diam max 60mm; 230V; CE marked


ETIBE HKM-10 SINGLE HEAD SELF-ADHESIVE LABELLER – A single head self-adhesive labeller to fix a self-adhesive label around a cylindrical container at a maximum output 18,000 containers/hour. Min – max container diameter 13 - 60 mm. Label height 80 mm. Equipped with scroll infeed; wraparound belt; Allen hot foil coder with detection of missing or incorrect code; Siemens PLC

IMA SENS TE/ECO TAMPER EVIDENT LABELLER (2004) -A small footprint tamper evident labeller equipped to place a tamper evident label on each flap of a carton. The cartons arrive flat from the cartoner and a label is applied to both sides of each carton. In good condition and available for immediate delivery.

NEWMAN 5FL WRAPAROUND LABELLER - Single sided, S/S vertical wraparound labeller designed to fix a self-adhesive label to a cylindrical container; equipped with a coder. Container sizes from 15m -150mm diam. Speeds up to 250cpm; minimum change parts; stand alone or in line operation

NEWMAN VAL-550 HIGH SPEED WRAPAROUND LABELLER (2002) A fully automatic high-speed versatile wraparound labeller for the application of both paper and clear self-adhesive labels to pharmaceutical containers such as ampoules, vials, syringes, bottles and cartridges with an output up to 450 containers per minute.

NERI SL400 TAMPER EVIDENT AND VIGNETTE LABELLER (1997) -  with three labelling groups, to place two tamper evident and one vignette labels on a carton.

PALS FL70 FBLR TAMPER EVIDENT LABELLER for-cartons (2005) - S/S tamper evident labeller to fix a label over each of the two flaps of a carton. Equipped with :-Twin labelling heads, overhead stabilising belt & slat conveyer to carry the cartons to the labelling groups; touch screen operator panel

PMR SINGLE HEAD SELF-ADHESIVE LABELLER -A self-adhesive labeller for bottles; make unknown. Equipped with a single PMR Systems labelling head, a hot foil coding unit, wraparound belt and an integral slat conveyor 2500mm long.


                                                                                  SECONDARY PACKAGING.


KLOCKNER MEDISEAL CP400 / P3000 (2006) BLISTER PACKING LINE A horizontal, automatic blister packer with output of 200 - 250 blisters/min in line with a compact, modular horizontal cartoner equipped to pack blisters; for small & medium-sized lot sizes. Cartoner occupies a minimum footprint and a fast changeover. Low format and maintenance costs.

​IMA PG EXPRESS “N” / IC. 150C AUTOMATIC BLISTER LINE (2018) -A blister line suitable for producing blisters, filling them with product and packing the finished blisters into cartons. Comprises the following machines: -IMA PG BLISTER EXPRESS 'N' BLISTER PACKER - with camera for product presence control, Output: max. 300 blisters/min; IMA PG TYPE IC 150C M CARTONER with GUK 21/4 leaflet inserter, Output: max. 100 cartons/min. The line was installed NEW in 2018 and will be available mid to late 2021.

IMA WINPACK TR 135 / IMA FLEXA AUTOMATIC BLISTER LINE Comprising a very compact automatic blister packer to pack capsules & tablets into PVC/ Aluminium blisters.; with vision system & automatic feeding of blisters to the cartoner. Output: Up to 230 blisters/min. In liner with an IMA FLEXA very compact, intermittent movement, automatic, horizontal cartoner prepared to pack blisters into cartons; one of the most compact machines in its range; equipped with pre-folded leaflet inserter, coder. Output: 150 cartons/ min. Fast changeover without tools.

IMA WINPACK C70 BLISTER/C70 CARTONER AUTOMATIC BLISTER LINE (1998) - An automatic blister packer cartoner combination prepared to form blisters of PVC / Alu and fill them with capsules or tablets. Equipped with a vision system. The blisters are transferred automatically to the cartoner, which is equipped with a pre-folded leaflet inserter and a coder; flap closure. Production :  Up to 120 cpm. The line is sold with the format with which it was running previously​​

CAM M90 BLISTER PACKING LINE - A blister packing line comprising CAM PARTENA M90 BLISTER PACKER with various feeders;  vision camera system, tablet/capsule drum hoist, many spares/change parts and documentation;  in line with CAM KO HORIZONTAL CARTONER with leaflet folder and infeed conveyor system from the blister packer

MARCHESINI MB420 BLISTER PACKER IN LINE WITH BA100 CARTONER Blister packer equipped to produce PE/ALU blisters but prepared for Alu/Alu in line with intermittent movement horizontal cartoner with two blister magazines, one automatically from blister packer, the other manually fed. Tuck closure of cartons.

​FAMAR RMA BLISTER PACKER WITH CAM PRX CARTONER ( 2000) Blister packer to produce PE/ALU blisters equipped with universal feeder, in line with intermittent movement horizontal cartoner; folded leaflet.

SECONDARY PACKING LINE FOR VIALS OR SMALL CYLINDRICAL CONTAINERS -  An automatic secondary packaging line for small cylindrical containers or vials, with an output of up to 400 cartons / min; European electrical installation (400V/3p/50Hz); comprising:   MARCHESINI MA352 HORIZONTAL CONTINUOUS CARTONER equipped to pack vials or small cylindrical products; output up to 400 cartons/ min.  GARVENS S2 CHECK WEIGHER with reject for controlling weight of the bundles of cartons.


KLOCKNER PENTAPACK EAS BLISTER PACKER (2002) - S/S, manually fed unit dose blister packer Ideal for research and development, physician samples , small production runs; clinical trial packages. Output: Up to 80 blisters / min ; includes chiller. Mobile on wheels. 410 V /3p/50Hz.

KLOCKNER PENTAPACK EAS BLISTER PACKER (1995) - S/S, manually fed unit dose blister packer. Ideal for research and development, physician samples, small production runs; clinical trial packages. Output: Up to 80 blisters/min; Several sets of tooling and spare parts. Mobile. Includes chiller

MARCHESINI MB 440 BLISTER PACKER (1989) -A horizontal blister packer for packing tablets or capsules in a blister; equipped with a Gamma F1400 control unit and a SEAvision Harlequin 2TV colour system. Mechanical production speed: 55 cycles per minute; with MTA TAE M10 R407C chiller; Change parts available In line with :- MARCHESINI BA 400 CARTONER (1989)High speed horizontal continuous cartoner with a mechanical speed of up to 400 cartons /min ; with automatic magazine for blister packs with reloading. Output: Up to 240 cartons per minute. Condition: Excellent, fully working condition


DEBLISTERER SEPHA PRESS OUT STANDARD (2005) Semi-automatic, mobile de-blistering machine manufactured in stainless steel; equipped with a magazine for the automatic feeding of the blisters with the recovered products being collected in a stainless steel drawer. Automatic feeding of blisters. Max dimensions of blisters 180mm length x 120mm width. A set of change parts is needed for each size of blister. Output: Up to 60 blisters/ min

DEBLISTERER SEM-AUTOMATICA SEPHA PRESSOUT (2011) A portable, safe, and simple deblistering machine for recovering tablets and capsules from push-through blisters. A sensor detects when the blister pack is in place and activates the rollers automatically. The tablets are gently removed from the pack and separated into the 316 stainless steel collection drawer. Output 30 blisters per minute depending on the pack. Dimensions max blister : Width: 170mm Length: unlimited 

DEBLISTERER MANESTY AUTOSTRIP - deblistering machine for recovering tablets and capsules from defective blisters. Adjustable for different thicknesses . The recovered products are collected in a 316 S/S bin. Output: Up to 44 blisters per minute. Dimensions of blisters: Width 30mm 120mm; length 75mm – unlimited.



CAM AV VERTICAL CARTONER Intermittent vertical cartoner; manual feeding, fully guarded; fully serviced.

CAM AV VERTICAL CARTONER (1999) - Semi-automatic, vertical, intermittent motion cartoner for a wide range of products;  Extended bed version;  gull wing type operator guarding;  manual feeding of product and leaflet into the carton;  Max / min dims of carton  Width A: 20 - 115 mm. Height B: 15 - 70 mm Length C : 50 - 190mm. Output: 15 to 60 cpm. Painted silver grey

CAM HV1 HORIZONTAL CONTINUOUS CARTONER ( 1999 ) -  A horizontal, S/S cartoner equipped to pack tubes into cartons. Equipped with an automatic tube feeder, adjustable buckets; carton closure using aeroplane or alternate flaps. Safety guarding; Mechanical Memory system. Mechanical speed: 400 cartons / min.

CAM HV2 HORIZONTAL CONTINUOUS CARTONER (2006) -A versatile, horizontal S/S  cartoner equipped to pack blisters into cartons. Equipped with an automatic blister feeder, adjustable buckets, a leaflet inserter, a Nordson hotmelt unit, a Wolke code printing unit.. Output max: 260 / min 380V/3p/50Hz.

CAM PMM HORIZONTAL INTERMITTENT (2009) A S/S compact, versatile, horizontal cartoner with an extended infeed, minimal formats parts and very quick change over times. Positive carton erection by means of articulated twin blades Equipped with a moveable mouthpiece, a Mechanical Memory System and adjustable buckets. Set up for tuck closure cartons. In good condition and available for immediate delivery.

CAM PMM HORIZONTAL INTERMITTENT (2003) A S/S compact, versatile,  horizontal cartoner with an extended infeed, minimal formats parts and very quick change over times. Positive carton erection by means of articulated twin blades. Equipped with a moveable mouthpiece , a Mechanical Memory System and adjustable buckets. Set up for tuck closure cartons. In good condition and available for immediate delivery.

CAM PMM HORIZONTAL INTERMITTENT CARTONER - A compact, versatile, horizontal, cartoner with minimal format parts; quick change over time. Sold refurbished.Output: 20 to 100 cartons / minute; various automatic product feeding units available; tuck closure; coder 

IMA EASY HORIZONTAL INTERMITTENT WITH BOTTLE FEEDER (2004) - A S/S, horizontal,compact cartoner designed for both hand-loaded and low speed applications, with positive carton opening, a sturdy balcony construction. Rapid changeover. Equipped with an automatic bottle feeder and a pre-folded leaflet inserter. Set up for tuck carton closure. Machine is in very good condition and was running when removed from production.

MARCHESINI C2205 CONTINUOUS CARTONER FOR BLISTERS - Continuous movement horizontal cartoner equipped with the group for feeding blisters. Max Output 250 Cartons per Minute; Pitch 5°; Max No. of Blisters per Carton 10; arranged for variable speed operation ; maximum capacity 200 cartons/minute. Tuck closure. Designed to handle the following size cartons:: Max Width A 100mm x max height B 90mm x max length C 150mm

UHLMANN C150 CARTONER FOR BLISTERS -Horizontal cartoner equipped to pack blisters automatically into cartons



BOSCH KWE 3000 CHECK WEIGHER 50 packs / min. 300gms max - air blast reject

GARVENS XS2 CHECKWEIGHER FOR BOTTLES - A modern compact check weigher designed to check against pre-set parameters on a packaging line the weight of bottles or containers filled with product. Maximum output of 60 items/minute up to a maximum weight of 200 g according to the manufacturer. It is complete with integral printer.

GARVENS S2 CHECK WEIGHER - High speed in-line check weigher suitable for weighing cartons or similar products with group for checking that flaps of cartons are closed, with reject of unacceptable cartons; Weight range 6-300g ; accuracy of +/- 50mg ; max. output : 400 / minute. 230 V /1p/50Hz

OCS TYPE HC CHECKWEIGHER (2005) -In line check weigher suitable for weighing cartons or similar products with group for checking that flaps of cartons are closed; with reject of unacceptable cartons; runs from left to right; weighing range: 10 - 750 g; accuracy: 120 mg.; maximum output: 300 cartons/minute; reject of overweight or underweight cartons by air jet; 230V, 1Ph, 50Hz  

BOEKELS EWK2000PLUS CHECKWEIGHER  (2004) In line check weigher equipped with a SARTORIUS model WS 2Kg M CD weight tester. Maximum capacity of weighing 2000 grs. Precision 100mg. Max conveyer speed : 1.5 m / sec. Width of the conveyor belt: 150mm. 220V AC; 80W. Documentation available

SCANVAEGT RF5 CHECK WEIGHER (2009)- A dynamic check weigher with a stainless-steel frame; Weight range : 600g - 5000g; Output : Up to 40 packs per min; Maximum product size : 300mm x 220mm; Total length 800mm



BFB 3707 OVER WRAPPER (1992)- An automatic collator over wrapper with shrink tunnel for packing cartons into bundles; with stacking device for cartons. Includes infeed conveyer and a shrink tunnel.

MARDEN EDWARDS LX125 OVERWRAPPER (2001) - A fully automatic, highly flexible and efficient base seal overwrapper to pack cartons; quick change tooling. Equipped with a motorised 90-degree infeed conveyer, collation and stacking. Tear tape fitted. Output: 70 / min. Min-max pack dimensions. L 50 – 305mm W 25-250mm Ht 10-150mm.

MARDEN EDWARDS BX150 RH8 OVERWRAPPER (2001) -A fully automatic, highly flexible and efficient production base seal overwrapper to pack cartons. Capable of wrapping speeds of up to 60 packs per minute. Equipped with a covered infeed with extra-long belts, a turning on edge device, and quick-change tooling. Tear tape fitted. Min-max pack dimensions L 50-305mm; W 25-250mm; Ht 10-150mm

MA CMP BA SEMI-AUTOMATIC CASE PACKER - A semi-automatic side-loading, balcony style case-packer specifically designed for low speed applications with manual case forming and automatic product stacking and insertion. The machine cantilever design ensures great accessibility and easy cleaning with maximum accessibility to all machine components. Quick tool-free changeover. PLC for machine control.

IMA BFB CP18 CASE PACKER (2006)-An automatic, compact, side loading case packer equipped with an infeed belt conveyor, horizontal case magazine with adjustment, case former, automatic product pusher into case and closure with adhesive tape on both top and bottom of the case. Output : 8 cases/min. PLC: Siemens S7. HMI: Siemens

MARCHESINI PACKSERVICE PS 300. CASE PACKER ( 2005 ) - Semi-automatic case packer for small to medium output production requirements. Case sizes: Length 200mm to 600mm; Width 125mm to 400mm; Height 65mm to 400mm.Carton sizes: Length 25mm to 580mm; Width 10mm to 120mm; Height 65mm to 300mm; pre-formed case is placed manually on the loading area; stacking unit ; operator Interface Panel; the case is automatically fed and discharged onto a free running roller conveyor. Omron HMI. 380V, 50Hz, 3 kW.

MEYPACK VP451 CASE PACKER, TRAY WRAPPER, OVERWRAPPER (2007)-A versatile automated case packer, tray packer and shrink wrapper for bottles – The bottles are grouped into the desired format and then either packed directly into a case or directly shrink wrapped or placed onto a tray and then packed into a case, or onto a tray and then shrink wrapped.

PRB NEWPOCKET CASE PACKER FOR CARTONS – GLUE CLOSURE ( 1993 /2009)-A case packer manufactured in 1993 and refurbished by the manufacturer in 2009.Automatic packing of cartons with grouping by rows and by stacking in a case; with glue closure using Nordson Problue4 hot glue generator; Max. production: 20 to 30 cycles / minute; Label applicator Delna DS 14.

PRB NEWPOCKET CASE PACKER FOR CARTONS –TAPE CLOSURE (2001) -An automatic case packer for packing cartons in a cardboard case and their closure with scotch. Equipped with a 1000mm long infeed conveyer for the cartons, automatic feeding, collation and stacking of cartons prior to their loading into the case. Closing of case with adhesive tape. safety guards; PLC -

PRB NEWPOCKET CASE PACKER -TAPE CLOSURE (1992) -A servo-driven, side loading case packer to pack cartons into a case which is subsequently closed with adhesive tape. Equipped with an infeed conveyer to feed the cartons to the machine, automatic collating and stacking of cartons prior to their loading into the case. Closing of top and bottom of case with adhesive tape. Safety guards.

PESTER PEWOFOLD 2 OVERWRAPPER (2001) for cartons, straight infeed, with collation; 90 degree pusher; stacking device.

SIAT CASE TAPER- A semi-automatic case taper designed for the sealing of cases of the same dimensions. Top and bottom sealing with adhesive tape. All the adjustments needed to use the machine in a correct way are done manually.




BAUSCH + STROEBEL FFV 4010 LIQUID FILLER – VIALS (1983) – KS 1010 CRIMPER (1983) – Vial filler with stoppering and crimper . Suitable for containers with a diameter up to 36mm and a height up to 80 mm. Dosing capacity 0.1 – 50 ml. (depending on the pumps installed ) with an output of up to 12.000 units per hour. Continuous motion BAUSCH + STROEBEL KS 1010 CRIMPER for vials.

BAUSCH STROEBEL WDS 4001 LIQUID FILLER – VIALS (1983) using a weight dosing method, with stoppering. Output 3.000 vials/h Size range diameter 16 mm / max. 80 mm – height min. 55 mm / max. 200 mm The fill range is 1ml up to 1.000 ml with 4 needles Electrical supply 220/380 V 50 Hz Weight 1350 Kg. The machine includes a rotary table.



SEIDENADER V90 INSPECTION MACHINE FOR AMPOULES & VIALS - A mobile, semi-automatic machine for the inspection of vials and ampoules. An inclined infeed tray feeds products to the automatic transfer, from where they are carried automatically  first to the inspection area and finally to the outfeed tray. Triple fibre optic lighting for back, top and bottom inspection with variable light intensity.Variable speed conveyor and spinning speeds. In good running condition. Video available.

BREVETTI ATM 18 INSPECTION MACHINE FOR VIALS AND AMPOULES - Automatic optical inspection to inspect presence of particles of different types and fill level. Output max.: 150 vials /min depending on product/ Range of sizes: Diam-Ø 8-18 mm, Max height 100 mm Control panel and printer on separate unit: 1000mm x 550mm x ht 1300mm

CMP SA12-LT INSPECTION MACHINE (2013) Automatic inspection machine of compact design which can handle ampoules, vials and cartridges from 1 ml to 30 ml. Output : Up to 200 pcs/min. Includes leak test unit to check containers' integrity.  Five sets of change parts with machine to handle ampoules of the following diameters - Ø mm 10,75; Ø mm 12,75 ; Ø mm 13,75 ; Ø mm 14,75; Ø mm 22,50

EISAI AIM 360 INSPECTION MACHINE VIALS AND AMPOULES -A high-speed, fully automatic inspection system capable of detecting particulate matter in vials and ampoules as well as inspecting for cosmetic defects at a speed of 24,000 vials/hour.

ROTA TYPE APM 850/72 VISUAL INSPECTION MACHINE FOR AMPOULES AND VIALS (1978)- A semi-automatic machine to inspect ampoules and vials for particles, glass splinters, hairline cracks and charring. Max product size - Diameter 25 mm x ht 130 mm / Maximum fill volume :30 ml. Output: Max: 3,500 products per hour .The operator checks the product via a 250 mm Ø lens with double enlargement.

SEIDENADER V75-60LR INSPECTION MACHINE FOR VIALS - A semi-automatic machine for the inspection of liquid filled vials; equipped with an infeed tray for feeding the vials to the conveyer which carries them to the inspection area and to the outfeed tray. The inspection area has a magnifying system to facilitate the inspection. Equipped for back, top and bottom inspection. Variable speed conveyor and spinning speeds. Mounted on casters for mobility

SEIDENADER V90 INSPECTION MACHINE FOR VIALS - A semi-automatic inspection machine for the inspection of liquid filled vials, equipped with an inclined infeed tray for feeding the ampoules to the automatic transfer into the inspection area and to the outfeed tray. Equipped for back, top and bottom inspection, variable light intensity, and a variable speed conveyor and spinning speeds. Mounted on casters for mobility

SEIDENADER PI40 INSPECTION MACHINE (2007) - Automatic, continuous movement inspection machine for vials containing liquid. Diameter of vials max. 30 mm. Height of vials max. 120 mm.  For transparent or amber vials. Output: 24000 vials/hr for vials 1-10 ml; Currently equipped with change parts for Vials 2R, dia. 16mm (DIN)

SEIDENADER PI 40 INSPECTION MACHINE (2007) Fully automatic for the inspection of liquid filled vials Container sizes: Vials 2R, dia. 16mm (DIN) max. 30 mm diameter – max; 120 mm container max height clear and amber glass. Products: milky suspensions Output: 24000 products/h based on vials 1ml - 10 ml; continuous product transport.

SEIDENADER V75-60-LR INSPECTION MACHINE semi-automatic ampoule or vial inspection 


NIKKA DENSOK HDB - 204V - AS3 LEAK TESTER (2005) for vials - the system is capable of detecting closure seal defects that cause non - sterile vials. Vials 10-18 mm diameter 24.000pcs/hour Vials 18-27 mm diameter 18.000pcs/hour Vials 27-36 mm diameter 12.000pcs / hour Electrical supply AC480 V 3phase + NE 50Hz 2kVA


ROMMELAG BOTTELPACK 3012  ( 1991), 2 cavity blow fill seal machine for LVP, currently equipped with mould set for 500ml.


KRAEMER UTS 12FS UNIVERSAL AUTOMATIC TABLET TESTER ( 1999 )- Universal automatic, 316 stainless steel tablet tester; Excellent condition ; CE marked 

COPLEY DTG 1000 DISINTEGRATION TESTER - A compact, modern unit is ideal for use in a laboratory for development and quality control; it is designed for testing disintegration time of tablets, coated tablets, oblongs and capsules. One beaker


GRONINGER ZSB1200 BOTTLE UNSCRAMBLER & DE300 ELEVATOR (2003) -S/S automatic bottle unscrambler complete with a GRONINGER DE 300 bottle elevator. One set of change parts with machine. Very good condition, like new.

RONCHI BOTTLE UNSCRAMBLER FEEDER High speed single bowl, S/S steel bottle unscrambler. The machine is highly flexible and capable of handling a diversified range of sizes and bottles profiles and can be used for symmetrical as well as asymmetrically-shaped bottles. All motors have variable speed controlled by Variable Frequency Drives; Protective plexiglass casing; Quick changeover.

ASTRAPAC SENATOR BAG SEALER - A mobile continuous rotary bag or sachet sealer. The direction is interchangeable - right to left OR left to right operation. Driven infeed conveyor, complete with cover. Mounting framework can be positioned above a support conveyor. Height and angle adjustable sealing head support. Adjustable temperature; mobile support frame.

 HAWO K 660 AP-V VACUUM BAG SEALER (2005) Vacuum bag sealer on a supporting stand; Sealing width: Approx. 8 mm; Sealing bar dimensions: 630 mm long x 8 mm wide. Pre-set sealing time: 0 - 3 sec. Sealing temperature: approx. 300° C; Max foil width: 570 mm; 230 V, 1 Ph, 50 Hz    

PDC 75M SLEEVER - US made machine – for sleeving bottles


TAWI CLEAN ROOM 80 DRUM LIFT /TURNER – S/S drum lift equipped with adjustable jaws  to hold the drum. Once the drum is lifted  it can be rotated to the left or the right by pushing the correct button. CE mark; Maximum lifting height 175 cm;   Max weight of drum: 50kgs; in Good running condition.



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